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Welcome to Horizon Solutions Online LLC!

Are you looking to work with distressed homeowners needing a pre-foreclosure or short sale? Horizon Solutions Online will grow your business and knowledge in both of these areas. We connect the homeowners needing your professional services directly with you. They will locate your Professional membership profile by entering their zip code in our custom membership database. If the homeowner is in a zip code you actively listed when creating your professional profile, detailed information will be available IMMEDIATELY for the homeowner to view and contact you. If you have a business website, you will be able to enter that active URL in your profile, marketing your very own website. Have a short sale, HSO can process your short sale, COMPLETELY free as a premiere member. We DO NOT collect any referral or processing fee's. Do you have a client who is struggling to maintain their mortgage, HSO will counsel them through the loan modifications process, on your behalf. In the event that they are unable to obtain a modification, you will list their home accordingly. HSO also will work with you as a member, if needed to stop/postpone a client's foreclosure, if possible, helping them avoid the foreclosure. You can then list their home accordingly. While we are reaching out to homeowners directly, nationally, we also provide you with a local "Notice of Default" list. For Premiere members, we contact these potential clients on your behalf prior to providing the list to you.  Have questions? Please click on the "Events" tab to register for the next LIVE webinar which will answer all of your questions. There are many events and programs we have ongoing and growing for members. Below are a few of them.

The programs and events currently available to members agents include:

  • Frequent webinar training with national speakers in the areas of loan modifications, short sales, BPO's, and REO's.
  • Access to BPO's, drive by inspections, and home evaluations.
  • Working with servicers to connect homeowners in need of help with our professionally trained real estate agent members.
  • Active on all social media sites and advertising on all web search engines for homeowners to make it easy for distressed homeowners to find our company and you.
  • Working with many of the local programs and workshops offered by servicers to help connect homeowners with our professional real estate agent members
  • We will be launching our 2nd homeowner workshop program for ALL members this fall. This program was very successful for those members who participated in 2015.

Click Register to begin building your Professional Profile. Your profile will include all your contact information, a direct link to your personal business website (if you have one), and a description about your experience in this important service.

You will also pick the state(s), Counties, and zip codes you are available to Serve Homeowners and Servicers. The last step will be to choose a basic or premier membership. * Once completed your professional profile will IMMEDIATELY be active in our national data base for homeowners and servicers to access.

By subscribing to Horizon Solutions, you agree to the terms stated above and the following conditions: all privacy and security policies put forth by our company. You agree to restrict access to all personal information about any homeowners you will be working with through Horizon Solutions. You agree to maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect any and all information you may collect while working with any homeowners through Horizon Solutions. Should you have any questions regarding these policies please feel free to contact us by clicking on the "contact tab".